What to Look for in Professional Beauty Products

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What to Look for in Professional Beauty Products


Sometimes, reading the ingredients list on professional beauty products isn’t a big help when you’re trying to find a new brand or whether an eyebrow tint will work for you. It can be like reading a scientific manual with a string of unfamiliar words. Of course, you can choose something your favorite celeb uses, but perhaps what works for them won’t work for your skin. Cosmetics aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing.

What we recommend for you is to find out what skin type you have, don’t worry about what’s popular, seek out good ingredients, and do a patch test when you think you’ve found what you’re looking for.


Why professional beauty products are better

Often, professional beauty products carry a higher price tag. So what is it that makes the cost worth it? There are many brands out there to choose from; what makes these products better?

●       Long-lasting: Because of how concentrated these professional products are, you will end up using less of them, and they will therefore last you longer.

●       Specific needs: You will find the right product for your particular needs in a professional range. This is, of course, essential if you have extremely sensitive skin or a medical condition. Many of these products even act as a prescription and will address your specific requirements.

●       Skin types: Your skin will only benefit from a product that is made specifically for your skin type, be it regular, sensitive, oily, or dry.

●       Professional: These beauty products are made by professionals who work in the industry who have done a lot of research into each product. They understand the best ingredients and can tailor their products to suit different skin types. These professional-grade products won’t contain ingredients that may be harmful to you or make your skin worse.

●       Ingredients: When making professional products, there is a strong connection to using the best ingredients to work on your skin. Professional products have a higher volume of active ingredients, and this is often what makes these products more expensive.

●       Environmental concerns: large companies are under a lot of pressure regarding their impact on the environment and their animal cruelty stance. And this is true too for the beauty industry. Businesses making professional beauty products should be open about how they are tackling these concerns.


Professional tints available for eyebrows and eyelashes

If you’re looking for a range of professional beauty products for men and women, that are 100% cruelty free that are designed to shorten your morning routine and enhance your natural beauty, Godefroy have just the solution. Our selections include:


Eyebrows: 28-Day Eyebrow Color Kits, Eyebrow Lightening Applications, Eyebrow Tint, Long Lasting Eyebrow Transfers, Care Kits & Application Solutions for Temporary Tattoos, Eyelash and Eyebrow Growth Serum

Eyelashes: 28-Day Mascara Application Kit, Mascara Gel Tint & Single Applications, Lash and Brow, PermaCurl, Thick Eyelash Growth Serum


If you’re looking for beauty products that are professionally made with care, shop the Godefroy line of beauty supplies today. For a full tutorial on eyebrow tinting, click HERE








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